[FOOD] Spaghetti Squash & Simmered Zucchini

I bought this book at the Pagan Pride festival I attended called Carb Conscious Vegetarian. Yeah, that’s right. I bought a book on vegetarianism from a pagan festival. It’s not really that strange though, since vegetarianism is supported (encouraged?) because it supposedly allows people to feel the energies more or something like that.

I picked it up though because I want to lower my carb intake. It’s really, really, really easy to consume too many carbs when you’re a vegetarian.

I flipped through the book and decided to make a side dish of simmered zucchini with onions and tomatoes and some normal spaghetti squash without following a recipe in the book. I knew I liked spaghetti squash, but I’ve never made it myself.

I finally made it this morning (which was like dinner time for me).


The spaghetti squash was a pain to get out and I only had enough for a side plate. The seeds were super slipper and were hard to pick out. I’m pretty sure that there was some seed pieces still in the squash as well. When I initially opened up the spaghetti squash, I was confused where the “spaghetti” was, but I quickly found it. I also discovered that I find the inside of anything gross, but I find the inside of vegetables just significantly less gross than the inside of animals.

I cut up one half of an onion shortly after, drained my petite diced, fire roasted tomatoes (I wanted regular diced tomatoes, but I couldn’t find them petite diced!), and cut up the zucchini for what I was intending to be a side dish. I could immediately tell that I had far too much.


I first sauteed the onions like the recipe called for, before pouring in the zucchini…a good chunk that I ended up flicking out because I knew there was waaaaaay too much zucchini. Like WAY too much. I didn’t know how the tomatoes were going to fit into it with that much.


I knew that my meal was now simmer zucchini with a side of spaghetti squash.

After 15 minutes, I sliced off some leaves my basil plant, ripped the leaves apart, and put it and some dried parsley into the zucchini mix.

The spaghetti squash was a bit too watery, which made the sauce a bit too watery in the end.

However, overall, BOTH dishes were delicious. The spaghetti squash tasted great, despite it went cold pretty fast and that I originally intended to make it as my meal. The simmer zucchini with the onions and tomatoes were also surprisingly super delicious. I thought I would have wanted some garlic in it, but I was both pleased and surprised that I didn’t – it tasted fine just the way it was!


Next time, I’ll have to actually make the zucchini mix into a side dish and the spaghetti squash into a main meal…