[ARTWORK] Kerii-hime on a Balcony

For this flashback, I decided to dip into my physical archives a.k.a. my old sketchbooks and notebooks and pull some old drawings from there. I’m sure there’s some treats in them that I haven’t posted online before and I might as well start now!

I’m guessing with the skill level this picture was done, this was probably sixth or seventh grade. I believe it was suppose to be Kerii-hime on a balcony, but I could be wrong. I obviously don’t remember drawing this picture.

Scanned Image 131300000

Unfortunately the background was too light for my stupid scanner to scan. Ugh, I hate my scanner. DON’T FIX THE IMAGE. I’LL DO THAT MYSELF.

Erm…anyway…the picture is pretty laughable. The head shape indicates that she’s looking one way, but her facial features suggest another. Her body is turned at one angle as well, indicated by how her chest is puffed out and the point at the bottom of her bodice, while the way her skirt lies indicates another. Also, her hands are laughable. Granted, I sometimes still draw hands like that if I’m being lazy…

Her ear also being awkwardly visible is funny. And her pose. What is she doing? Is she suppose to be walking gracefully? Is she seeing her prince? I have no freakin’ idea.

When I saw this picture, I got the urge to redraw it…I really should start doing that with these flashbacks…