[FLASHBACK] Kelly’s Gonna Fall

My drawing skills in 2004 weren’t that good, especially in comparison to today. However, I did occasionally have pictures that were well done. This picture happens to be one of them and is still easily one of my favourite pictures. I referenced a picture of Usagi and Mamoru from Sailor Moon, but I unfortunately cannot find the original reference.


It’s pretty cute, isn’t it? Kelly’s falling into Ash, glomping him. Well, considering my 2004 skill, it’s pretty cute. And I still feel that the head shape on Kelly is still one of my best.

There’s not really much I can say about this picture. It’s just not that bad for 2004 me.

There’s a coloured version of this picture too!


Which is exclusively a wallpaper. Clearly I was just using the airbrush in Photoshop to painstakingly colour them in, which I used to do quite a bit.

What do you guys think of this picture? Other than you think I should stop drawing Kelly and Ash together.