[FLASHBACK] Doesn’t She Bug You?

This is totally insane for me to even attempt, but I want to do Kelly’s Journey versions of the Pokémon movies (and also have Kelly’s Journey exclusive movies). It’s actually one of the reasons why I want to get ahead in writing the series, not just for having consistent posting, but so I can write the movies and have time to “perfect” them. The movies are going to be novels, after all. They’re about as long as watching three episodes of the TV series, but have a more involved storyline.

I’ve been wanting to do that for a while, which becomes apparent when you take a step back into the past and look at this old picture, most likely from 2004 or 2005.


If it’s not obvious, the two characters pictured here are Kelly and Daisy. Yes, my Pokémon fan character, Kelly, and my other Pokémon fan character, Daisy Ketchum, Ash’s younger sister. What’s probably not obvious is that this scene is suppose to be during movie 2, Pokémon 2000 or Revelation Lugia. Kelly and Daisy both aren’t big fans of Melody, asking each other if Melody bugs them.

On the visual side, you can see some things weren’t established or established in the way they are now: just like some of the previous flashback images, Kelly’s hair has a slight wave to it and lacks her framing spiked bangs, only having two in the front like Ash. She’s wearing a star necklace, rather than her choker that everybody seems to know. She’s still copying Ash’s clothes though!

I think the way Daisy is drawn more had to do with my lack of skills, well, her hair at least. Daisy still has her hair tied in pigtails, with slightly different bows than she currently has. She also doesn’t have her current outfit or anything remotely like it on – instead, she has a t-shirt with a flower on it. Even for Pokémon, that’s too boring and simplistic.

I’m guessing during this time, they were both annoyed at Melody for similar reasons. Kelly liked Ash romantically back then, so having Melody pair up Ash and Misty must have gotten pretty dang irritating. Daisy, being a fanatical shipper of the two, probably was annoyed at the Ash/Misty pairing too.

Yeah, the previous versions of Kelly’s Journey had Kelly instantly fall in love with Ash from the start. If you don’t believe me, go check out the “Past Versions” section on the Kelly’s Journey website. They’re actually pretty hilarious, if not painstaking to get through. I feel Kelly’s Journey finally went right though when I scrapped the romantic beginning and just had them become friends.

Does this reflect how the current Kelly’s Journey version of the movie is planned? Actually, it’s surprisingly not too far off. I’m still planning on having Daisy get super annoyed at Melody for shipper reasons, but Kelly would just get annoyed at her because I doubt their personality would be super compatible. Though, I think Kelly would kind of like Melody too because Melody irritates Misty…

Okay, back to the drawing itself. It’s not that bad. It could easily be worse. Okay, sure, Daisy’s body looks more like it belongs to a ghost. You can’t really tell what the background is. Daisy’s expression looks more sly than annoyed. But other than that, other than that, it’s not that bad. Or maybe I’m being too easy on my 2004 self, but I feel like I’ve had worse pictures, like this one of Kelly doing a handstand on Jessie’s head.

Overall, I like this picture, primarily because it reminds me of Kelly’s Journey‘s past. It’s also not as bad as it could of been, though it also could have been better