Final Stretch! FINAL STRETCH!!!!

Oh, I remember working on Lesson 7 and feel like it was taking me forever to get to the next lesson. I recall flipping through the next three lessons, being super excited about learning short forms and 〜たい (want) form. Each time I found myself getting distracted and fell into doing other, arguably less important, things, I knew it was going to take me longer. Things felt just as long as I read three lessons ahead. I made progress through lessons 8, 9, and 10 almost steadily, falling off the track towards the end of lesson 10.

For one thing, the schedule I had planned got screwed up because I screwed around for three days, which in turn made me lose motivation to work on it.

And second, I started talking to Japanese people on Twitter in Japanese.

You would think that would motivate me to study more right away, but instead, it made me feel too worn out with how much my brain had to squeeze out. Not to mention, talking to real people is far more fun than the textbook’s university-based skits. Of course, I feel like I hit my limit of my knowledge and now have been refueled to study. I want to converse with people (and I really need to make some Japanese friends who love the Pokémon anime and are artists)!

I finished lesson 11 as of yesterday, finally, and I’m almost done with lesson 12. I just have the kanji sections left. Then I get to go back and listen to all the lesson listen comprehensions because I decidedly skipped over those to do them later after I have the vocabulary and grammar down. (I actually think I need to study again, to be honest…)

I thought I wasn’t going to feel excited about getting to the end of my textbook, but I am. It’s kind of coming in waves, but it makes me feel happy. I guess it’s because I know I’m going to be reaching one of my goals for this year – finishing Genki I. If I can finish the second one, that’ll be two goals! Also, I’m making some steady progress!

I know when I get to the second Genki, I’m personally going to have to step up my game a bit. Unfortunately, I’m not quite sure how to go about stepping it up. I guess I’ll know when I reach there, I suppose.

I want to:
– Remember ALL vocabulary I learned in Genki I
– Remember all the kanji I learned in Genki I, both reading & writing
– Remember ALL grammar & how to use it properly from Genki I
– Remember everything so I can pull it up from memory quickly to respond (verbal or written)
– Improve my speaking & listening abilities

Sometimes I wonder if I’m going to have speech issues with Japanese because I had them with English, but who knows. Hopefully I won’t.

Obviously, all of these require a lot of effort. I think I’m putting in a bit less effort than I could for Japanese because there’s a trillion other things I would rather be doing or that I also have to do (on one side of things, chores, and on another, all that darn artwork).

For now though, I need to focus on getting Lesson 12 done.

I get to reward myself with ゼルダの伝説 – 時のオカリナ (The Legend of Zelda: the Ocarina of Time) 3DS. I’m moderately excited about that.

Sometimes it feels like I’m learning slow, but at other times, like now, I feel like it’s going fast. Not too fast, but rather, at just the right pace. I love it!

(On an off, but semi-related note – I got into the alpha testing for’s Wanikani, which is a kanji learning application. It’s great so far~!)