Dream #2 – Japan!

Yes, I had a dream that I was in Japan. Believe or not, it’s not a dream I often have (most of my dreams are really weird – this one is no exception, but the location is different).

I was visiting Japan and I was staying in an apartment. One of the first things I did was go to the Pokémon Center in Tokyo. I went to wear my mind said it was (though, it looks NOTHING like the actual Pokémon Center in Tokyo…my mind has a weird way of changing stuff) and it turns out the Pokémon Center moved and the place was changed into a museum of random stuff (I don’t remember a lot of it – some different converse shoes and some dolls). I wanted to go check out the field in the back for some odd reason (note that the actual Pokémon Center is NOTHING like this) and I had no shoes, so I took some from the display and tried them on, but felt bad that I was wearing them, so I put them back onto the display (messily because when do I do something neat?) and left to go get my shoes. I thin it was around that time when in my dream, I crossed Cocolin, who ignored me when we were tweeting (from my knowledge, she doesn’t even have a twitter in real life) and confirmed we saw each other.

Shortly after I returned to the apartment, we met up with each other (she happened to be staying/living nearby O_o) and started talking. I pretty much was all like “oh, you could show me some cool places” and such.

We temporarily parted. I can’t really remember what happened at this point, but it was a mess of me actually in the apartment and me for some reason just temporarily going to back to America (and being confused on how I got there – I made sure to tell my mom I was going RIGHT back to Japan, who then told me I probably would have been wanting to go to Japan every summer). I went back to Japan after that, walked around to Akihabara (or Ikebukuro, one of those two places…).

I ended up meeting up with Cocolin again at some point and for some odd reason, she started narrating her life’s history and we were suddenly walking down a super familiar street to me. I remarked that I thought it was probably awesome that I’m there since she gets to practice speaking English with me. We eventually ended up at her old school (which looks more like corporate building from the inside) and was run by some guy who looked like a sinister, hilarious villain with his bald head covered with diamonds, as well as his right eye and he wore eye make up and was pretty funny. That’s pretty much where it ended. On an elevator thing that was more like a giant flat swing and the guy basically threatening to beat up some stupid teenager for acting cocky.

What invoked this dream? I’m willing to guess it was from yesterday when I wrote my “agenda” a bit in Japanese (because I felt like it) and from watching Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog the night before yesterday.