Dream #1 – Doctor Who Cosplay at a Prom?

Okay, if you don’t know me, than you don’t know this – I never went to any of my proms. I never had an interest in going, and let me tell you, I still don’t regret not going. It’s not really that hard to imagine what prom is like – a school dance with only your grade in fancy dress. The only benefit of going to prom would be for the story writing experience, but I feel like it is almost a better idea to leave it up to my imagination.

So why am I bringing this up?

Simply because my dream was about going to prom.

It started with me and my friend, NieboKot, at my house (which looked nothing like my house, a bit more like her’s…actually, at this point, I don’t remember whose house we were at) and I was trying to figure out what I was going to wear to prom. I was struggling to figure it out until NieboKot put on her outfit and thought “omg, I wanna do the Doctor! The eleventh one!”. I immediately suggested that we do Amy Pond (which she looked sort of like in her possible prom outfit) and the 11th Doctor. Of course, I had none of the 11th Doctor’s stuff, other than the sonic screwdriver. The thought of pulling out the sonic screwdriver at prom was quite entertaining to me. I think my mind went through several other things I could wear to prom (I think there was an Ash cosplay in there somewhere and definitely my black/green combination with my awesome hair, which I decided I would probably switch to halfway through the night), but I still settled for the Doctor.

We suddenly were running through the mall during its closing time (and it was definitely a mall I’ve never been to in real life, but I always seem to visit in my dreams) at 8 PM, despite it was really closing at 9 or 10 PM. And it was on a Saturday. So. Yeah. We ran around to many stores, failing to find anything for the prom that was suppose to happen the next day.

It was suddenly the next day and I was at what looked like my grandparents’ old house. I remember looking in the mirror, trying to get my hair to look like how Matt Smith styles his, but my hair is too long to actually do that. I was disappointed I wasn’t going to prom as the 11th Doctor. It was nighttime and I had to leave soon, and I was hungry, so I decided to make myself some mac & cheese and pasta. I think I also made some for NieboKot (though, I actually think I made it for my younger sister instead). After my food was finished and I put it on a plate, I started walking and my spaghetti rolled off my plate! So I put some more onto the stove and ended up dozing off.

I saw NieboKot sitting in red in an Amy Pond-esque outfit (except slightly more elegant) and she exited through the door. Note I don’t think she was at the same house I was at.

When I woke up in the dream, I talked to my dad and told him I had to go to get my younger sister from my prom, because she went instead of me. So I picked her up. As I tried dropping her off home, she kept telling me to drive to a different spot because of all the snow and the cold. After going past three driveways, I finally yelled at her, telling her to get out. She looked at me all scared, got out of the car, and I drove off.

And then my dream ended.