Since I have so many books to read and that I want to read, I knew I had to figure out a way to read more of them at the same time. I’m actually really good at keeping information between different things separate from each other and I get sick of reading the same book constantly, so I decided to read one chapter (unless they’re short; then I might read two or three) and go to another book. Someone on Facebook said it was kind of like watching a TV show, where you watch one episode a week.

Since I started reading so many books, I felt it was super appropriate for me to have some proper bookmarks. I was sick of using scrap pieces of paper to save my pages or attempting (and usually failing) to remember where I had been. I didn’t want any old bookmarks either, oh no. I wanted ones with my artwork on them, just like I often want for, well, everything. I love having my artwork on things!

I originally drew up some new pictures to have as bookmark artwork, but after I realized it would be a long time before I actually coloured the artwork, I opted for a quicker option – using some of my finished artwork as bookmark images.

The original set included some fanart of mine of various kinds and an original drawing of my character, Faye Jademan. I tried to do a “flipped” version of all the images so the backsides mirrored the front, but I had issues getting everything to align, so I scrapped that idea in favour of a diamond checkerboard backing.


I felt that these bookmarks were enough to start me off. I was a bit sad that I couldn’t get them professionally done, but they were asking for too much money and too many quantities than what I desired.

I was really surprised to find that quite a few people wanted these bookmarks. Of course, I’ve only given one person the ones they requested at this time. I still plan on giving other people what they requested.

When I finally had my back catalog of images finished, I knew I had to make more bookmarks. I did complete some images that I originally planned to have as bookmarks in the first place, so I definitely had to use those! I also used some that weren’t originally intended as bookmarks.


I LOVE all my bookmark choices. Sure, I won’t be using them all at once, but I just love having a choice of all these pretty bookmarks. I think there’s like…25, 26 bookmarks now, but I could be wrong.

Which bookmark is your favourite? Which one do you wish you could have?