[BACK CATALOG] What Morons

I was looking through my file cabinet sometime ago and I came across this picture of Kelly doing one of the things she got from me – covering half her face while looking annoyed. The picture quickly brought a smile to my face. Sure, Kelly’s got yaoi hands and Sparkle doesn’t really look that great, but the concept of the image was just outright awesome and just so in character! I didn’t even remember drawing it. I tried looking on my deviantART for it and was surprised I never posted it.


It’s so awesome! After I discovered it, I scanned it and posted it up. I’m pretty sure the sketch was done sometime in 2011. The skill level is higher than 2010, but the hands in 2012 are drawn much better than in 2011. I LOVE THIS PICTURE. I knew I had to actually colour it, so it became part of my back catalog.


The coloured version didn’t really offer much difference, minus the background. It did make me realize that Kelly looks a bit too old for my liking in these picture and Sparkle’s flaws show more in colour (just like they always do). The background was part of my early experimentation of doing Pokémon-like backgrounds. The tree trunks are still terrible, but oh well.

I feel like this is one of those pictures I would post in response to people being stupid…

Made in Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint, and maybe MangaStudio…?