[ARTWORK] The Group

Okay, no, the orange haired girl isn’t Misty and the blonde haired boy isn’t Edward Elric. The three people in this image are my characters (from left to right) are Alysha, Nyeshiva, and Brent. I never drew an image with all three of them together before, so I decided to do so now.


It’s not that bad. I feel like the three of them are a bit of an odd group, but hey, I like my odd groups.

There are a few issues with this image, but a lot of them reflect my current skill level at the time, which was mid-2011, if I remember correctly.

The coloured version isn’t really too much better.


It does make me want to fix up Brent and Nyeshiva’s designs just a bit. I want to make Brent look less like Edward Elric and I want to make Nyeshiva’s design reflect what I wanted her original character design to look like, which the current one doesn’t really do successfully.

The colouring also doesn’t really look good on this one, but I think that partially has to do with poor texturizing and saturation.

I still like Alysha’s design despite how orange her hair is. Maybe I’ll try lighting it up in the future. I don’t know.

I do like this picture overall. While it could be better in many ways, I still think it’s good for what was delivered.