[BACK CATALOG] Satomi – Fingerpoke

I drew three Satomi fan arts (minus the Christmas one) during the end of last year. One was of Satomi thinking “she” was “kawaii”, this one, and then this cute one of Kotetsu and Satomi that won’t be posted until August.

The concept for this particular image came from the idea that Ash gets shy when he’s crossdressing. When I think of shy anime characters, I think of them poking fingers together. I think Hinata from Naruto might have given me that impression for the brief time I actually paid attention to that series.


I think it suits the Satomi look.

The sketch had this little issue of not being even on both sides, so when I coloured it, I cropped it to make it appear a bit more even.

The coloured version followed suit of the previous image of Satomi I did, including the background. Okay, sure, it’s not exactly the same, but it’s still got that dreamy-pink look to it.


I do have a bit of an issue with Satomi’s fingers and one of their cheeks (which looks kind of swollen), which was an issue with the line art. Also, I can’t draw pleated ruffles. I really need to practice that one of these days.

The reaction to this picture on Facebook was surprising. A lot of people were saying this was my best picture I’ve drawn yet. I thanked them. While I don’t really agree, I do really like this image. I actually wonder why people like this so much. I know one of my friends who I hadn’t spoken to in a long time also told me I have really improved after they saw it.

You guys can be the judge though if it really is my best picture yet or not. Feel free to leave a comment below.