[ARTWORK] Samantha’s New Look (Redraw)

It’s probably obvious by now, but I like to redraw pictures. I like to see how far I’ve come in terms of style and skill. I also like that something will always be better in the redraw than the original image. This one is a perfect example.

I couldn’t find the original sketch (which can be seen on deviantART) of the original picture, but I could find the coloured version. My colouring has come a long way since 2006.

The original image was to update Samantha’s design. Now, before I go and show you the original “Samantha’s New Look”, I should probably show you her original look.


She wore a half shirt that showed her stomach, split open pants, and boots. She also wore a fanny pack, which I think was inspired by May from Pokémon. She had this design up until 2006, where I revamped her look to make her less like her brother, Drake, who I have revamped also since then. I think Samantha might have started the kind of bangs cut I ended up doing for her, Erik, Faye, and Kelly (slightly varied, but still similar).

The “new” look at the time was a pair of black yoga pants and a green sweatshirt. It was actually inspired by my wardrobe at the time and I felt that it fit her more geeky persona. Yes, she’s a geek – if you haven’t looked, geeks all look different, just like everybody else. She also still retained the green in her hair.

samantha (2)

I really like this design. It’s simple. Oh yeah, she’s also wearing slip on sneakers, also based on ones that had been in my wardrobe at the time. Her hair unfortunately doesn’t have a “pattern” to the green, like the original or the new one. It’s all over the place and just about visible.

I redrew the image in September 2011.


You can see I’ve made improvements in 2011, especially from 2006. It’s kind of amazing.

She kind of has these little “licks” on the top of her head now, similar to Kelly (it’s for aesthetic reasons – the top of the head looks better with those spikes sticking out than not). She seemed to have developed uneven “hockey stick” locks at some point, which I feel are good for her. She seems like the type of girl to not really care what lengths her hair was, just as long as it looked good.

The sweatshirt got longer. She also now has bows holding her hair together, rather than the simple ruffled ties the original image had.

I like the sketch overall, though I don’t like how most of her body looks. Well, like, her chest is too big for her hips, so it just looks odd.

The coloured version shows an improvement over the original. I used Corel Painter 11 to colour it, so it’s in a test style, rather than my painted dreams one. I did originally consider recolouring, but I was too lazy to do so.


I like this one vastly more than the original, but I prefer the sketch. This one contained a lot of experimentation, such as the eyes. Shame I didn’t know about Clip Studio Paint at the time (if it was even out then) because I think this picture would be even better.

Completed & Sketched in September 2011.

Corel Painter 11, Photoshop