[ARTWORK] Pandora’s Ability

I remember when I first created Pandora, I had an issue deciding if her name was going to be Priscilla or Pandora. After pondering it for a while and deciding that the character was going to have a personality where she was curious about everything, I thought Pandora fit better than Priscilla. Priscilla felt like it was more appropriate for a spoiled rich girl, not a curious adventurer with psychic ability. After I did a bit of research on Pandora, I found out about a Pandora in Greek mythology who seemed curious about things, which very much fit my character.


Pandora is psychic and has a set of tarot cards she always carries around. She does have the ability to use telekinesis, which is what she’s using in the image. I know somebody thought she was throwing the cards before…but no, she’s not. They’re suppose to be floating like that!


I’m pretty dang happy with the coloured version. I am a bit sad that the layering flushed out her skin colour and darkened her hair, but oh well. I think her colours are really funky and fun, which compliments her rather optimistic, curious personality.

I’m not sure if it’s obvious or not that she’s suppose to be using telekinesis on the cards – the “glow” around her and the cards are suppose to indicate that.

I just realized that the cards look like a bow and it looks like she’s about to grab it to launch of an arrow…