[BACK CATALOG] Onlyinadreamshipping – Poke V.2 (a.k.a. Isshu Poke)

In 2009, I drew this kind of cute Onlyinadreamshipping image of Sinnoh!Kelly poking Sinnoh!Ash’s cheek. I don’t really remember the concept behind it. There probably wasn’t much of one – Kelly just poking Ash on the cheek. oiad_poke_cgedHeh. Heh. Heh. 2009. When I used to draw heads way too wide, my backgrounds were even worse than they are now, and I used Flash to do my artwork.

The picture was the perfect candidate to be redrawn back when I was doing that Onlyinadreamshipping set of images that started with a few redrawings. Although, the picture itself wasn’t necessarily a redrawing as much as it was a sequel to it.


I pretty much loved (and still pretty much love) how Ash was drawn. He looks pretty perfect in comparison to the old image. Ignoring hands and how I can’t draw hats. Kelly, on the other hand, doesn’t…look like Kelly. I can’t really pinpoint what I did wrong in terms of her face (feel free to point it out), but it’s not a “Kelly” face.

I also don’t like her poking hand.

What I do like though is that you can see the improvement I made between the 2009 image and the 2011 image.

It’s even more apparent in the coloured version.


I attempted to fix Kelly’s face during the line art process, which was kind of successful. Still doesn’t entirely look like a Kelly face, but it is an improvement over the original. I like it significantly more.

Kelly’s poking hand also made a bit of an improvement thanks to the lineart being thinner than the original sketch. On the other hand, Ash’s only visible hand became worse by his presumably skinner leg, which now makes his hand look floppy and flat.

I have a bit of an issue with how much of Ash’s skin is showing, but that’s okay. It wasn’t until later I realized that he’s more covered up there and that’s why it looked weird. Yeah, didn’t feel like fixing it.

The background continued with my practice of Pokémon-styled backgrounds, which still don’t look like them…but are definitely an improvement over my previous backgrounds.

Let’s compare the coloured versions of the 2009 Sinnoh picture and the 2011 Unova picture:

oiad_poke_cged 008

Oh man, this is always so much fun, comparing images. It’s kind of too bad they’re not exactly the same, just one improved and one not.

Kelly’s pose is more or less the same in both pictures. Her poking hand is drawn just a bit better in the 2011 version.

Ash, on the hand, has a bit of a different pose. I felt that his pose in the 2011 version was more…natural. Also, I feel like he’d be looking a bit annoyed, not smiling when Kelly’s poking him. He still has a limp-arm-in-lap in the second image (which is an extremely natural pose that a lot of people don’t seem to know they do).

THE BACKGROUND. WOW. THE BACKGROUND IS AN IMPROVEMENT. THAT IS PROBABLY THE MOST IMPROVED PART OF THE IMAGE. The 2009 image is just the airbrush lightly used and the clouds filter in Photoshop. The 2011 version (with the finished background in 2013) has a beautiful, detailed, Pokémon-esque background. Though, to be honest, based off images from 2011, the background wouldn’t have been that much of an improvement if I had actually done the rest of the image then…

The most recent image was drawn in 2011, but completed in 2013.

I used Adobe Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint, and MangaStudio Debut.