[BACK CATALOG] Onlyinadreamshipping – Looking Up V.3

During my Onlyinadreamshipping set of images (the 10 set one), I decided to redraw another image – “Looking Up”. I don’t really know why I chose this image. Maybe because it seemed simple. Just Kelly and Ash looking up into the sky. It was mostly a stress free image to redraw – I didn’t have to try and draw them interacting with close contact or in some romantic setting. It’s a pretty subtle image. You can tell that there’s something going on on Kelly’s end, but it doesn’t overpower the image.

At the time of choosing this drawing, I thought it was the second version. Shortly after I drew it, I learned it wasn’t the second, but rather the third.

Just like my previous posts featuring redraws, let’s first look at the original image from 2004.

Drawn, I believe around the same time as “I Want to be With You”, I drew a picture of Ash looking up and Kelly trying to talk to Ash.


You can see where the two pictures are alike – Kelly’s wearing more or less the same outfit.

I wonder what my thought behind this picture was. I don’t know why Ash is looking into the sky. I’m guessing Kelly is nervous being alone with Ash, but I could be wrong about that. I probably wanted to draw Onlyinadreamshipping, but I obviously couldn’t draw kissing scenes at the skill level where the heads were faaaaaar too large and Kelly’s arm looks like a sleeve or a cape.

I must laugh that you can see the imprint of another picture (one of my character, Samantha) also on the page. Well, her legs anyway.

Then we have the 2007 version which shows a clear improvement over the original.


Everything looks better in comparison to it. The heads aren’t as large, everybody has arms. Kelly had an outfit change that looks kind of better (though the colour choices are TERRIBLE for her). Okay, sure, this was 2007 when I was drawing on the computer with big lineart and used the burn & dodge tool for shading & highlighting.

I don’t understand what’s up with the lens flare. You think after 2007 me stated that they thought Ash was looking up at the stars, they would have actually DONE a starry sky. It kind of makes me wish I could go back to 2007 me while I was doing the picture and be like “why are you doing a lens flare”.

Actually, I probably just learned lens flare and wanted to use it.

But that still doesn’t excuse the lack of a starry sky!

Anyway, in 2011, I chose to redraw the 2007 image, forgetting that there was a 2004 image.


It’s basically more or less the same as the 2007 sketch, just drawn with my 2011 skills The bodies are better formed. The heads…actually, I think I like the size of the 2007 heads better. These ones look too wide and huge, or at least, Kelly’s does. I don’t really like how Kelly’s face is drawn. Also, Kelly’s now wearing shorts and Ash’s pants are visible.

I like this picture overall.

When I discovered that this picture was a redraw of a redraw, I decided that I should probably try redrawing it every few years as a comparison between my artwork skills. It is a simple enough picture and should be easy to do each year (and probably will get easier).

Then we get to the coloured version! I actually completed this picture in 2012! It’s one of the few fully completed in 2012!


I went with the looking-up-into-the-starry-sky concept for the picture, since I felt it was most fitting. I guess it could have really been anything – the clouds, a bird, raindrops – but for something that has a slightly romantic intention, the starry sky seemed to be the best bet.

I like how Ash generally looks on the picture. I mean, it’s not my best looking Ash, but he looks better than Kelly. And Kelly’s my character. I still don’t like Kelly’s head or face. The way Kelly’s arm area is shading makes her arms look more plumped than they should be.

I LOVE the background. It’s just a star field, clearly. A RAINBOW coloured star field! I think I applied a rainbow gradient over it, which, to me, works very well for stars. It adds kind of a breathtaking effect to an otherwise dull picture.

Sketch is from 2011, finished version from 2012! TWO THOUSAND TWELVE. TWENTY TWELVE. EFF YEEEEEEEEAH. Early picture~~~!

CLIP STUDIO PAINT, MANGASTUDIO DEBUT, AND PHOTOSHOP. That should have been obvious at this point.