[BACK CATALOG] Onlyinadreamshipping – Isshu Kiss 3

AND HERE WE ARE, AT THE THIRD AND FINAL ISSHU REGION KISS. I’m really surprised that there are so many of these. I was really, really, really in an Onlyinadreamshipping mood for Isshu work, now wasn’t I? And clearly I wanted to practices kisses.

…oh, wait. What am I talking about.There’s another Isshu kiss. Silly me. There’s four kisses. But the last one is pretty dang passionate. This one isn’t though.

This was one of the last Onlyindreamshipping pictures I’ve drawn in a while. According to my files, it was done in December 2011.

015 copy

I almost pinned this for early 2012. There’s a clear improvement from early 2011’s pictures. The fingers look better, the bodies look better…everything looks better. Okay, sure, I’m still having issues with fingers and ears, but still. The bodies feel more full and a better size. I get shivers of pleasure from seeing how Ash’s arm is wrapped and going under Kelly’s unusable hood.

I think my biggest gripes of the image are the visible hand positions and not being able to figure out how to draw Ash’s hair correctly in that sort of position. Other than that, I love this picture.

There’s not much behind this image – this was part of a set of three images, where I felt like practicing kissing scenes. I was in a very light Onlyinadreamshipping mood at the time, so drawing three images did me well.

For the coloured version, I left it with a blank background. Nothing really seemed suited for the image.


I mean, I guess I could have gone back and added a forest background. But I’m so sick of forests at this point.

This is still such a wonderful image though, even if I feel that the coloured version didn’t really do this picture justice.

I liked this drawing enough though to make a wallpaper version of it, which you are totally free to enjoy.


The original sketch was done in December 2011. The completed version…I think in 2012, actually.

Done in Clip Studio Paint and MangaStudio Debut.