[BACK CATALOG] Onlyinadreamshipping – Back to Back

A long time ago back before I had my own website and was still using my mom’s, I had gotten addicted to fan listings and shrines. I decided to create a shrine dedicated to my one true pairing, Onlyinadreamshipping. Okay, yeah, it’s a fan character/canon character pairing, but I still wanted a shrine dedicated to it, especially since I had a few friends who liked it as well.

The top banner image was one of Kelly and Ash sitting back to back.


Yeah, I don’t really know what they’re doing. It kind of looks like they meant to grab each other’s hands, but completely missed. Oh geez, my colouring style than was bad. And look, I forgot to colour in Ash’s hat symbol!

When I was browsing my old files (I think maybe on deviantART), I noticed this image and it reminded me that I wanted to do a new Onlyinadreamshipping shrine, primarily as a place where I can post pictures of them without worrying that people aren’t going to check out my other art because Arceus forbid that I have a fan character paired off with a canon character.

After deciding to make a shrine on my current website, I also decided that top image should be based off this picture. I thought Kelly and Ash should be sitting back to back. Since I don’t really understand what they were doing in the original image, I fixed the concept a bit.

Onlyinadreamshipping - Back 2 Back

Onlyinadreamshipping – Back 2 Back

Kelly is looking sad while looking towards Ash, who clearly isn’t noticing her due to the Pokémon. She’s feeling something and is disappointed Ash won’t pay attention to her, but she doesn’t really understand why.

The sketch most certainly made my heart swell with both sorrow and happiness. The sketch was a vast improvement over the original image, with an arguably better concept as well. I love that it’s a subtle implication from Kelly’s side only (JUST THE WAY IT SHOULD BE) that she wants something from Ash. I love how Kelly’s shoulders look droopy and you can tell her hands are in her lap. I also love how her head is tilted and her facial expression that prompts the question “why won’t you look at me”. I love too how Ash is just laughing or talking happily about Pokémon with no indication of noticing Kelly. I feel sorrow, pain, though seeing all this because I know 1.) Ash isn’t going to notice Kelly and 2.) Kelly doesn’t even realize her own feelings.

The coloured version was done in Corel Painter 11 and Adobe Illustrator, if I remember correctly. It was before I discovered Clip Studio Paint and before I tried to change my techniques.


The coloured version also shows a vast improvement from the original image. I’m surprised too that I like the coloured version as much as the sketch!

For the careful observers, you might notice Kelly’s star charm on her choker is silver here. This picture is meant to be in late Johto, which is when Kelly’s suppose to start having feelings for Ash.

I’m very pleased with how the picture came out, as well as how it looks on the site layout.

I sort of wish I drew these two together more often…