[ARTWORK] Mister Pouty Face

I thought this was originally one of my other Mister Pouty Faces when I was making the banners. This one is Erik though, my adorable demon boy. He’s also one of my few male characters who I think looks better with short hair. I mean, okay, yeah, his hair isn’t as short as some of my other characters, but his hair is still short in comparison to let’s say, Clyde and Vainstrel.

080Did you know he’s part of my inspiration for actually putting fingernails on my characters? I thought his hands looked gorgeous with the fingernails, so I’ve been drawing them ever since.

The pose isn’t anything special. I was just trying to show his somewhat tsundere personality. He likes to act like he’s mean and what not, but he’s actually really a sweetheart. One of his favourite poses is his arms crossed. I love how he looks in the sketch.

The coloured version isn’t that bad either. Lineart is always where everything fails me though.


This was made for a bookmark as well, so there’s no background.