[ARTWORK] Matching Faye

I like to think at some point in Faye & Erik’s story, Faye gets him an outfit that matches her. And by matching, I really do mean matching. It’s just a different colour. Faye probably loves the idea that her friend/lover/whatever crossdresses and probably sometimes wants to take advantage of it. With how embarrassed Erik can get probably makes her love it even more.


I really like Erik in this outfit. I think he looks cute in it in comparison to Faye, who looks sexier in it. It probably has to do with Erik being a skinny pretty boy and Faye being a slightly chunky beautiful girl.

I knew I wanted Erik (or should I say Erika, since that’s his crossdressing persona) to be sitting in a cave and I knew that I wanted his colours to be taken from his usual outfit, which matches his wings.

That’s exactly what I did.


The outfit, while looks similar to Faye’s, contrasts with it, reflecting that Erik is technically the demon side of the story.

The cave walls are alright. I went wrong somewhere though because they look more like fire.

Erik kind of looks lonely – I wish I had taken the time to think about what was going to be around him, besides cave walls. Like, are they decorated with symbols? Does he have mirrors? How about a dresser or a bed? Where’s Faye? It would have made the picture a lot better.

I do like this picture though. Primarily because there’s an adorable, crossdressing pretty boy in it.