[BACK CATALOG] Martinishipping – You Know That…

THIS IS POSSIBLY THE OLDEST PICTURE I BOTHERED TO COLOUR AND I NEARLY GAVE UP ON IT DUE TO HOW OLD IT WAS. I think the original sketch is from mid-2010 and it’s made even more apparent by the skill level evident in the image.

The original sketch was drawn while I was listening to “Alejandro” by Lady Gaga.


I think I drew this picture when I wanted to draw some Martinishipping. …Paul clearly isn’t interested. And Gallade is too busy dancing…

I didn’t notice how bad everything was drawn until the lineart process. MELISSA’S HEAD LOOKS LIKE A BALLOON. Paul doesn’t look too bad though, actually.


I think this was the first picture I worked on the background of. I needed a picture to experiment on and I needed one I didn’t care too much if it turned out terrible or not. I’m actually pretty proud of myself – didn’t come out too bad! One of my friends was fawning over how “HD” the ground looked to them. The ground does look pretty good though, doesn’t it?

Also, they said Gallade looked like it was going to the bathroom. Obviously not my intention. I didn’t even think of it that way until they said something. Gallade’s pounding its arms up and down while bobbing to the music…which is coming from somewhere. I don’t know where.

Gallade was too distracted to see Melissa go up to Paul who was starting to pass by to get something.

It makes me laugh that the finished picture shows a clear improvement in colouring (both backgrounds and shading), but due to the original sketch, the picture looks kind of bad. But only if you take the time to actually look at it.

I think this is actually an improvement over what I would have done back in 2010. I used Illustrator back in 2010, so my lines looked really thin. My backgrounds were also possibly a bit worse than what I could do over the year. This picture was spared the terribleness.

Sketch from 2010, finished version 2013.

MangaStudio Debut, CSP, Photoshop