[BACK CATALOG] Martinishipping – Hug & Kiss

After I drew my Onlyinadreamshipping set of images, I tried to do a Martinishipping set. Unfortunately, I have issues drawing Paul and coming up with images for the two of them that don’t have other, er, implications. I drew five pictures, but I only picked like….one out of the set. It’s the only one I liked enough to colour.

Melissa’s giving Paul a hug and a kiss on the cheek and Paul’s just standing there, taking it. I’m pretty sure at that point, Melissa’s done it enough time where he’s just kind of stopped caring.


It’s kind of a cute picture and I’m really fast to label Melissa as drunk, even though I know she’s definitely not.


The background is nothing special either. Just a generic forest background that helped make me tired of bushes and trees.

Overall, it’s kind of a good picture. I don’t particularly love it, but don’t particularly hate it. I just needed some Martinishipping…

Original sketch from 2011, finished in 2013.