[ARTWORK] Letting Go

This picture actually has a lot to do with the story Midnight Star is in. It’s more of something that would come a while after the story. I don’t think a scene like this will ever actually happen, since I’m planning something a tiny bit more dramatic that forces her to let go of what she needs to, but regardless.


I’m not really going to spoil anything, but as you can probably see, she is letting go of her star staff.

The coloured version is a lot bigger because I wanted to indicate her at the bottom of a large ocean, in attempt to make it more breathtaking. Which failed.


I remember when I was doing the line art version of this. Someone asked if they could point out something wrong with it. About a billion things went through my head and I prepared myself for the worst.

They brought up her balloon hands.

I laughed.

I thought they were going to tell me something I didn’t already know. After I said I know that and it was a conscious decision of mine to leave it (a lot of times I consciously leave things alone even if I know I could fix them, depending on the focus of the image, like this one is primarily for colouring practice). They responded that they didn’t understand how people did that. I didn’t want a response like that ever again, so I’ve been fixing things up on my images regardless of purpose since then.

I was going to try SUPER HARD on the background…which still turned out like crap. I didn’t entirely give up on it. I just ran out of ideas rather quickly (even with references for inspiration). I’m particularly a fan of the sandy bottom of the ocean. I’m not sure if the background is oceanic enough.