[ARTWORK] KICK…almost where it hurts

Sometime in 2011, I was on a bit of a Spark/Vainstrel drawing kick. I’m actually not even a fan of the pairing (they end up together – not my choice, their choice, confusing to explain), but whatever. They’re fun to draw. They’re not as much fun to colour though because of all their colours. This one is more or less a sequel to another picture, which won’t be posted until…the end of August if I remember correctly.

I think I kind of did this picture for background practice of some sort.


It also has a varied pose. Okay, so Vainstrel’s isn’t that different from what I usually draw (also, I hate how his head looks), but Spark is actually doing something other than standing there. She’s kicking him~!

A lot of people who see this picture (regardless of the sketch or finished version), think he’s getting kicked in the nuts, but if you looked closely, you can see that Spark is close to doing that, but she isn’t actually doing that. She was suppose to be striking him with lightning…


…something I forgot in the coloured version. Let’s just pretend that she’s kicking him first to stop him, then shocking him afterward to calm him down. (It does actually calm him down).

I actually really like Spark’s pose. It looks really good to me~

I don’t like the background. The perspective is terrible. It also didn’t come out that well in comparison to a certain picture I did in 2010. Granted, this used a different technique, so it’s not surprising.

Overall though, I like this picture~ I think Spark makes the image with her different pose than usual.