[BACK CATALOG] Kelly & Sparkle Jumping

One of my favourite parts of Kelly’s character design is her hair. Even after all the criticisms about it, like her hair is “too long” for a number of reasons (like it’s “too long to be a Pokémon trainer”, ’cause you know, Pokémon doesn’t have long or funky haired ladies traveling around), it’s “not realistic” (yep, not realistic at all, no siree), and that other people “like her hair shorter”. I feel that her hair is absolutely beautiful the length that it is and it shouldn’t be shortened or changed.

I really like making her long hair flow. Unfortunately, there’s not too many opportunities to do that.


I managed to do it this time though. I felt like drawing Kelly, in her original outfit, just jumping through the air (although it probably looks more like sitting). I do recall being taken in by how pretty this girl was. I also recall it feeling pretty empty and non-Pokémon-y, like most of my pictures of Kelly. I decided to change that though and add in Sparkle, Kelly’s generally careful, but happy Pikachu, jumping with her.

The background wasn’t hard to figure out. It had to be a sky.


Her flowing hair just felt like “freedom” to me and I felt a sky background complimented that. Okay, the sky background looks terrible, but I can’t do sky backgrounds.

It’s probably why I actually like the wallpaper version of the picture better.


I almost put this as the “official” version of the image, but I decided against it for the simple reason of it’s meant to be a wallpaper. Okay, sure, it’s a lot cooler, has waaaaaay more energy and edge than the final version, and to an extent shows off Kelly even better, but it doesn’t call for “freedom” like I originally wanted the image to feel like.

I’m kind of surprised I like both the sketch and the coloured version. I feel like I usually don’t.

Feel free to use the wallpaper for your own personal use!

I hope you can guess by now the programs I used.