[BACK CATALOG] Kelly Saluting

Back in 2011, I wanted to put up some new coloured images rather fast, so I created this “sofilpaketch” style or “soft oil pastels over a sketch” style. I was using Corel Painter 11 at the time and rather liked how the soft oil pastels looked over my sketches. Everything looks pretty dang good. One of the pictures I did was of Kelly and Sparkle, with Kelly saluting.


This was one of the sketches a lot of people liked (and so did I), so I decided to do a cell shaded version of it.


I do like the cell shaded version better, but I prefer Sparkle and Kelly’s eyes in the sofilpaketch version. Sparkle looks less terrible and Kelly’s eyes don’t look that big. Ugh, I hate drawing Kelly’s eyes so big. They make her too kawaiidesuu and that’s not what I’m aiming for.

I like the background for the cell shaded version too. It feels just slightly closer to the ones in Pokémon, thought not exactly.

This could almost make it as one of my favourite pictures, but Kelly’s eye completely ruins it for me. I should have tried to fix that.