[ARTWORK] Kelly Falling

I hadn’t drawn any of my characters for a while – I had been drawing a lot of fan art for official characters and my friends’ fan characters during this time – so I thought it was about time to draw one. I decided to draw a rather generic, but pretty one of Kelly. I knew I wanted her to be falling, but not to her death (though I know a lot of people most likely wish her to), but almost as if she was falling through a dream world of some sort.

The original sketch wasn’t as “falling” as I wanted it to be. Unfortunately, I’m not sure how I would have drawn that. I guess having her hair a bit more out instead of straight down would’ve helped.

スキャンしたイメージ 123240004

I didn’t really care much about the sketch, since it’s so generic. It just reminded me I’m sick of generic poses.

Something kind of notable about this sketch is that I drew it in my style, rather than the Pokémon-inspired style. Sure, the two don’t look that much different, but it’s there. The eye style hints at it, but it’s the hands that give it away. Pokémon doesn’t usually draw fingernails that far away, at least, the last time I checked. I don’t think they usually draw them close up either.

I love the coloured version, despite how much I don’t care for the pose.

kelly_falling copy

I was impressed with myself. Okay, not really impressed by myself, but I did feel my breath being taken away by this image after I let it sit for a while and I had a chance to stare at it. It uses my painted dreams style, which looks even better after all the layers are applied to it.

The background looks amazing to me – while, yeah, it’s a gradient of blues and greens, the lines and the colours indicate some sort of falling….which is what I was going for. I don’t even really know how to put the breathtakingness of this image. I think everything was a good choice.

I like the glow around Kelly too.

As someone pointed out, depending on the way you turned it, it looks like she’s flying.

So, despite it’s generic-pose-ness, I really like this picture. I had it as the background on my iPad Mini for a while before I changed it to Assassin’s Creed. Maybe I’ll return it to this picture again one day.