[ARTWORK] Flavio, Clyde, and Sadia

Ah, yes. My three dolly sapiens. My three Frankenstein’s-monster-like characters. Except they’re not really like Frankenstein’s monster, other than the features…which aren’t exactly alike either. Wasn’t Frankenstein’s monster created with parts of various people? I could be wrong about that. Anyway, I’m glad I had a chance to draw these three together. Clyde was my original one, while Sadia and Flavio came later. Each one of them has a back story (Clyde is the most developed…okay, I’m gonna admit, I don’t really know much about Sadia. At least with Flavio, I know that he was a prince before he was murdered…or shall I say assassinated?).

I remember when I posted this sketch, people (and by people, I mean one person) wanted to see this in colour.


I don’t blame them. I wanted to as well! I don’t draw this many characters interacting too much. Also, I think all their designs are pretty dang interesting! Why wouldn’t I – or anyone with some interest in them – want to see them in colour? It took me about a year or so though to actually get the coloured version completed.

I’m really happy with the coloured version. While not completed what I envisioned for it, it’s pretty dang close.


I think the thing that was mostly off for the coloured version was the saturation/textures. They weren’t the textures I was planning and most certainly not the saturation. However, there’s almost a vintage look to the image and, quite frankly, I like it! It oddly suits it. I’d like to post a clearer version one day. Which might as well be on here. As a bonus.

The wallpaper’s somewhat crappy (or, okay, yeah, crappy) design was made by me using stencils in Photoshop. I didn’t feel like finding some on the internet to use, so I just made my own. I really like how it came out. I also like the wood floor for some reason, even though I know it actually looks bad not saturated like that. I don’t like the molding in the back, but meh. I’m not good at molding anyway.

I don’t really have much to say about the characters. I really like all their colour schemes and I like having the chance to make them interact. I think they look pretty dang good all in colour. I’m looking forward to showing Clyde’s eventual look one of these days.


The version of the picture above shows the true look of the image. I say use it for reference for the characters actual colours, since they’re right. Quite a bit of a different look, eh? Also, I’m totally in love with the wall in the background. I kind of feel like the sun is shining through a window above. Don’t know about any of you.