[ARTWORK] Faye in the Sky

I sketched this really nice image of Faye Jademan when I was coming up with sofilpaketch images. (Sofilpaketch is short for “soft oil pastels over a sketch” which I used to do back when I used Corel Painter 11.) I was in some effortless stage and the image came out better than it usually did, save for the hands.


There’s something I really like about a “chunky” Faye. When I say chunky, I mean she looks like she’s at a really good, healthy weight. You could squeeze her and not feel her bones right away.


I really liked the sofilpaketch version. Some people where complaining though because the picture “wasn’t finished” and wanted to see a “finished” version of it.

Ugh. I hate when people do that. For a lot of people, if an image has clean line art and is done in full colour with shading, backgrounds, etc. it is finished, especially if that’s what a person usually does. However, if the image is done with non-clean line art, in a different colouring style (particularly lazy ones like this one) or is just left in black & white, people just start complaining it’s not finished. Regardless if I state it’s finished or not. They go “why don’t you finish this”. THIS IS FINISHED. THIS IMAGE IS COMPLETELY FINISHED. COMPLETELY. NO COLOUR IS NEEDED. NO “PRETTIER” COLOURING IS NEEDED. THIS IS HOW I WANTED THE IMAGE. And then they ask “why would you want an image like this?!”! It’s because I like the image better this way – I don’t really like my normal colouring style and I prefer my sketches over the line art (at least, when they’re done like this). Due to these little, rather annoying comments I get from people who don’t understand that people can be ~finished~ with images without doing their usual colouring or even having their usual line art, I’m so afraid to post images that aren’t the usual “finished” style. I started doing a comic based off of my playthrough of The Legend of Zelda: the Wind Waker and I’m afraid to post that up anywhere that isn’t Facebook because I don’t want to hear people nagging me “why isn’t this in colour” or “why didn’t you line art this” and yadayada because it’s just completely done in pencil. It bothers me. It bothers me so much and I don’t want to deal with it because I currently don’t know how to explain that I do this with intention.

Okay, end mini rant.

I decided to take the requests of what people wanted into consideration and decided to add the image to my list of images to fully CG.

The “fixed up” version:


The “non-fixed up” version:


I will admit, I really, really, really do like this image. It probably would be one of my favourites if I didn’t have a somewhat bad memory attached to it that I would rather not get into. The painted dreams style really shines through in this image, especially for Faye’s clothing. I still hadn’t gotten the hang of shading the skin (I still don’t) and her wings look super awkward, but that’s okay.

There are a few changing from the original version, particularly her positioning. I thought it would look better and I was right – it does.

I’m hoping when this image is posted for everybody to see, it’s a huge hit. It’s pretty spectacular, minus the hands, and I hope it gets the recognition it deserves when being compared to my other images.