[BACK CATALOG] Bored & Waiting

It’s the same story with this picture as the other ones drawn around this time – I wanted to draw Kelly in character and I wanted to draw Kelly with her Pokémon. One of the things that annoys me about my own drawings are their genericness and that I tend to not reflect characters personalities well in them. I wanted to try and change that with these few images.

I think I did that well.


Especially in this one. Kelly and Sparkle are very much in character, while Bicker (Spearow) unfortunately suffers from my inexperience in drawing him. It was probably the second or third time I’ve drawn Spearow, which is why he doesn’t look that good in comparison. Also, totally don’t know how to draw birds hanging out on peoples shoulders. Actually, I have trouble drawing creatures on peoples’ shoulders in general. I need to practice that along with everything else.

Kelly’s unhappy, bored face, looking like she’s deep in thought or at least deep enough where if someone came up behind her and called her name, she would jump. Sparkle is looking down with curiosity while laying on her favourite spot – the top of Kelly’s head. Bicker, who should really look angrier or something, is just chilling on Kelly’s shoulder. Everybody is mostly in character.

I knew I wanted Kelly to be leaning over a wall. It seemed to be the best idea. I was a bit reluctant about it though, since a good chunk of the image would be hidden and that made me sad. My hard work wouldn’t be seen!

That turned out to be okay though, since there was more hard work to be seen – the background.


When I first started laying out the background, I had to figure out how to actually do the walls and how the wall would be covering her. At first I didn’t think the wall would be covering her a bit of her hand that was laying on it, but after trying to outline the hand, I found it somewhat covered looked much better.

The walls colours and inspiration came from a screenshot from Pocket Monsters Best Wishes, from episode 2 if I remember correctly. I took the reference specifically for this image. I didn’t really know how to do walls, but after doing so many backgrounds, I had a vague idea.

vlcsnap-2013-04-07-07h42m32s151(Yeah, ignore the Chinese subtitles. lol. The DVD just started up like that.)

When I compare the two, I say that my first attempt was very successful! I think it’s obvious what I was going for and it was executed well for my current skill level. I’m sure I’ll look back at this image several years from now and laugh at how bad it is, but for now, I think the wall looks pretty dang good!

The wall went through a few transformations after the initial lay down. I can’t remember if the original outline was darker or lighter, but either way, I had to fix it to reflect the wall better and somewhat match the screenshot. It took several tries, but I did it.

The screenshot was also the reference for the clouds (which I can’t draw to save my life, dang it) and for the sky that is yellow in the way back and blue higher up. I thought it was a pretty concept and I wanted to use it.

I still can’t draw trees though. The bushes are okay, but the one behind the tree is particularly terrible and I cringe whenever I look at them. Luckily, I don’t usually notice it because I’m too busy focusing on Kelly’s awesome facial expression, Sparkle’s cute curiosity, and the amazingly well done (for me) wall.

Overall, this is one of my absolute favourite images. I quickly fell in love with it, enough to make it my Twitter icon, my iPhone’s lock screen, and to hang it up on my wall.


I really hope others share the same feelings I do over this image, though, with the way the world works, it will probably be ignored or won’t make as much of an impression.

This is a rather inspirational image for me and I hope to draw more images in the future like this, that shows of the personality of each individual and requires a great background.