I drew a picture of Kotetsu and Satoshi because they’re my favourite pairing in every aspect for Pocket Monsters Best Wishes. This isn’t romantic based, but rather best friends based, since I was trying to draw something a bit more in character and more of what I like their relationship as – best friends.


I’ll admit, I don’t really like this picture – I don’t really like how the boys are drawn and it just looks awkward overall. Probably my fault for probably not searching for references on the poses.

The coloured version isn’t much better.


If anything, it’s a bit more awkward. The background is possibly the worst offender.

This is another one of those images I wouldn’t have coloured if I didn’t have a few people who wanted to see it in colour. No, I’m not glad I did this in colour. I mean, it’s okay in colour, but still not that great. If the sketch was better, it would have been better.

So…I love the pairing, hate the picture.