[BACK CATALOG] Awkward Confession

I am a Scatterbrainshipper, meaning I like the pairing Kotetsu/Cameron and Satoshi/Ash. They’re probably my favourite pairing for the entire Best Wishes series and my bro true pairing (i.e. favourite friendship) for that series. The only pairing I think I like slightly more is the crossdressing variation and that’s probably because I love the Satomi/Ashley (Unova) disguise so much. Okay, sure, Ash never met Kotetsu (yes, I’m using whatever names I want, harharharharharhar) while crossdressing, but still! I love the disguise so much and I love Kotetsu so…why not.

I imagine Kotetsu meeting “Satomi” and suddenly crushing on her, admitting it clumsily to her, only to have Ash pull off the wig to reveal it’s him to stop it.


Not sure what Kotetsu’s reaction to that would be. I kind of imagine him to be like “WHOA, YOU PULLED OFF YOUR HAIR!” and then blink and suddenly say “Hey, you look like my friend!” only to have Ash fall over and be like “IT IS ME”.

I sort of want to arm flail now.


And the thing I only love more than the sketch is the COLOURED VERSION!


It is similar to the previous two Satomi pictures in terms of colouring. It uses cell shading and a light, airy overlay to make it reflect Satomi and the overall atmosphere.

This is the kind of picture that would make me hug my pillow because my heart wants to explode from cuteness.

I love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love this picture, despite some of its glaring flaws like the hands and my inability to draw ruffles properly. THEY’RE JUST TOO CUTE.