[ARTWORK] Adalynn Using Magic

Adalynn is the cousin of my character, Clyde. Well, if you still can consider them cousins considering Clyde has died then got revived in some sort of Frankenstein’s-Monster sort of way. I really like her design and wanted an excuse to draw her…so I drew her using magic.


Yeah. It’s a really simple picture. I like the hands on it, for the most part.

The coloured version was completed during the early practice of my painted dreams style.


You can tell based off of how the colouring looks. It looks kind of different from what I eventually use.

I actually really, really like this picture. The bright pinkness of her energy that she’s focusing contrasts really well with the rather [terribly drawn] creepy background. It adds almost a sense of happiness in an otherwise creepy image.

This is definitely going on my favourites list.