As long as they allow me to remember, they’re a-okay!

So, I just spent about two hours copying down kanji into a new notebook. While I do normally copy kanji down in my small notebook that I’m taking my Japanese notes in, I decided that I needed a new notebook to write down notes from Remembering the Kanji. I didn’t think about doing this initially, so what brought it up?

Me creating my own mnemonics.

I was going to just simply practice writing the kanji over and over while reading Remembering the Kanji. It just occurred to me tonight though that I should really be writing down more than that – I should be writing down mnemonics I created, not the book. While I didn’t start creating mnemonics for the kanji that the book has as “rise up” (昇) (I first thought of it with the kanji for companion (朋)) , it dawned on me after that kanji and “dr.” (博) to actually write down my mnemonics.

I actually started cracking up at a couple that I came up with, especially since I started singing some of them.

Just as an example of what I did:
(kanji – meaning – mnemonic – explanation)
朋 – companion – The Doctor and his companion went to the twin moons. – Whenever I see or hear the word “companion”, the first thing I think of is Doctor Who, as the people who travel with the Doctor are usually referred to as “companions”. The “twin moons” have to do with the kanji containing the kanji for moon (月) twice.

昇 – rise up – The sun rises up on the measuring box. – This is where I started laughing at myself, since I sung the mnemonic over and over. This kanji contains two kanji that we can identify as sun (日) and measuring box (升). Hence the mnemonic being “the sun rises up on the measuring box” – it contains the pieces of the kanji, as well as the meaning.

博 – Dr. – The 10th Doctor went back to his weeping TARDIS in the Ten Rice Fields of Measurement. – Really weird mnemonic, I know. I, once again, made one with Doctor Who. This kanji, pulled apart, contains “ten” (十; contains it twice, by the way), “specialty” (専; which in turn contains “ten” (十), “rice field” (田), and “measurement” (寸)), and what the book calls “a drop of” (丶). I decided that the ten at the side was a person and was going to be the 10th Doctor (to remember it being “10”) and that the 専 with the 丶 next to it at the very top was the TARDIS crying (the dash dot thing being a tear). “Ten Rice Fields of Measurement” was just to remember the order of the “specialty” kanji. In my head, it’s a new planet that the Doctor was visiting.

I know some of these seem weird. Long to remember even. However, they work for me. I’m sad though that remembering the readings isn’t as easy! I’ll just need to create situations that make them easy to remember then.

So, how about you people? Any mnemonic stories you would like to mention?