[ARTWORK] Matison Coloured Sketch

Matison is one of the citizens of Naitmaric on the Mainland. She comes from a family of metalworkers, weavers, and seamstresses/tailors. She’s learned from all the different trades, so she’s learned to make herself fashionable outfits and make things out of metal, from jewelry to accessories to anything in between.

Oh, and she’s passionate about the concept of time.

Time FASCINATES her. It’s such an interesting construct. Her fascination with time has lead her to make many, many clocks. She brings around a pocket watch, which she often swings like she’s trying to hypnotize someone. She has a clock on her necklace and in her hair. She’s got clocks everywhere!

When she appears in nightmares (because that’s part of a Naitmarian’s job – I’ll explain this at another point, but basically, their spirit appears in nightmares, not their physical body), she often has something to do with time. Whether she’s the one who has the time displayed somewhere, informing a person of a certain time, or just simply using time to frighten people.

She often hangs out with Seirian. They both have quite a lot of energy, so they play together, whether it be crystal toss or broomstick surfing. As you can imagine, Matison keeps track of time to see who is the fastest and when they need to leave.

Matison was meant to be a part of my second wave of characters and help to diversify my cast. This piece was just to help establish her look and potentially colour for a print, if I ended up wanting to at a later date. I’m still not 100% sure on her dress colours, although I do really like her dress design.

I wanted to show Matison with one of her pocket watches and, well, just have a drawing of her. That’s really what this was. I really like how this came out! I am a bit sad I never fully finished this piece with my Painted Dreams style. However, I know I will draw her again.

Year Completed: 2017
Programs Used: Clip Studio Paint


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