[ARTWORK] Hadley Looking Up

One of three sketches drawn to become print! This is the one that won the poll on them. It’s one of the more interesting pieces in the collection, I would say, mainly because of the angle.

This is Hadley! He is a vampire who is the Naitmarian equivalent of a 64-year-old stuck in a 15-year-old’s body. He single-handled changed the vampire world by creating artificial blood and plasma that was superior to the real thing, all in an effort to avoid having to hunt and drink blood himself! He was granted his own mansion and the ability to select which new vampires he wanted to watch over – those vampires ended up being Victorina and Cian. He spends most of his time experimenting and annoying Victorina.

I wanted to portray Hadley in his work room – which is actually a former ballroom – doing something with his numerous vials. I also wanted a more interesting angle…hence the pose in this picture.

I think this picture is very plain, but I actually like it that way. I think if I added anything else in the picture, I think it would be too cluttered. Sure, we don’t know if Hadley just grabbed an ingredient or is grabbing one or something else, but that’s okay!

This was before I had anything fully established for the characters, but I knew enough about Hadley to know I wanted to portray him with something that may come off science-y.

Although…uh…let’s be honest, I could have picked any other colour for the liquid in the vial! It just looks like water!

Year Completed: 2016
Tools Used: Pilot Color Eno Mechanical Pencil, 0.5 mm Mechanical Pencil
Programs Used: Adobe Photoshop CS4, Clip Studio Paint


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