[ARTWORK] Etheriel’s Subtle Joy

Out of the three sketches I drew to become prints, this is is the one that won. I am glad it was as well. I think out of all three of them, this is the best looking one. This also worked perfectly with Aldister’s piece, since they are two polarizing forces.

Etheriel is an angel. His original job is to help people the moment they awaken spiritually and guide them to wherever they need to go next on that journey to help them go deeper. During one of these moments, he witnesses another human being getting beheaded and something within him switched on. He started to become interested in mortality and began to experiment with it. He can’t experience mortality himself – at least, not in the same way humans and other such physical creatures can – so he enjoyed watching it. Eventually, he becomes “corrupt” and takes full joy out of causing harm and killing, which he does almost without discrimination and without mercy, as well as no consequences to himself, at least initially.

He runs into Aldister one day and the two of them cannot help but fight, for Aldister can kill upon touch, but does not want to, while Etheriel doesn’t have to kill, but chooses to. They seem to be in an eternal fight for over life and death.

When I did this piece, I wanted something that was opposite of Aldister. Aldister had generally cool colours in the background and looked more solemn. Etheriel, on the other hand, has a fiery background and a smile plastered across his face. In his hands is skull crying tears of blood.

Year Completed: 2015
Tools Used: Pilot Color Eno Mechanical Pencil, 0.5 mm Mechanical Pencil
Programs Used: Adobe Photoshop CS4, Clip Studio Paint


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