A Week of Food

Kind of. I meant to make a blog entry about all the food I made, but…well, I didn’t get around to it. I was doing other things. Primarily playing more of Assassin’s Creed 3 side quests, despite that I find the game pretty lackluster in comparison to its previous installments (not to say there aren’t great parts!). I did manage to make myself food for the past couple of days, before getting kind of lazy, but then picked myself up again.

Let’s start with February 27th (or was it the 28th? I don’t remember). I knew I wanted to start my day with an actual breakfast this time. I had a pepper hanging out in the fridge that I knew I wasn’t really going to be using for anything, so I decided to use it for breakfast. I also decided to use an onion. I also wanted to make some homemade home fries as well.

I preheated the oven, skinned and sliced up the potato (which made the homefries shape I was familiar with – I was surprised, though I shouldn’t have been), covered them in olive oil, pepper, a bit of sea salt, and I think some garlic and onion powders as well. While they were in the oven baking, I cut up the peppers and onions, slightly sautéed them, then started making scrambled eggs with them thrown in (and some cheese, because I have a lot I need to use up before it goes bad).


I’m happy to say everything came out delicious! The homefries did come out a bit too hard in the places they were darker, as a result of me being too lazy to try and flip them, which I don’t really mind.


I ended up destroying the beauty by mixing it with the ketchup. Also, I threw in some veggie sausage links too because they’re delicious. To me.

I was going to make a broccoli cauliflower casserole, but I was too full from breakfast when I was going to make it and I was far too lazy to do all the prepping, so I decided that for dinner, I was going to go ahead and make that garlicky bread crumb pasta I had the other day again, this time with some tomatoes added in. I started making the recipe pretty quickly, knowing how straight forward it was. Then I got to the part where I had to make the garlicky bread crumbs.

My Mind: “Oh, the tomatoes have onions and garlic in it and I want to sautée them, so let’s put them in the pan and put in the breadcrumbs afterward!”

I am a moron.

…needless to say, I realized I had been a moron for putting them all in together. The breadcrumbs were no longer garlicky breadcrumbs. They were now tomatoey garlicky oniony breadcrumbs. Mostly tomatoey. I tried to fix it because I wasn’t going to throw it out, but more or less gave up. I finished it and put it into the pasta anyway. It tasted good, but wasn’t what I was going for.


Next time I’ll make sure to make the garlicky bread crumbs FIRST, then sautée the tomatoes, onions, and garlic afterward, in a separate pan.

The next day, I had no idea what to eat. I had bought a thing of cauliflower – which I thought I needed, but after I bought it, I realized I didn’t know what recipe to use it with – and said, hey, I was going to use it.

I think this was after I failed making mac & cheese again (I finally learned why you shouldn’t let the milk boil) and some parmasen tomatoes which I really wanted. A part of me thinks I was distracted by the fact my mom and younger sister were both in the kitchen at the same time as me making the food. I kind of get thrown off when people are in the room unless I intend for them to be there or expect them to be there. I didn’t expect them to both be there for as long as they were.

Steaming & Cooking

I ended up opting for risotto, since I still had some vegetable stock left, had some onions, and I know how to make it so well, I probably could make it in my sleep. I thought it was probably the meal to eat alongside the cauliflower.

Cauliflower is weird. The only time I’ve ever had cauliflower was in those steam bags, already cut up for me, so actually having a head of it was a new experience for me. I always thought it was going to be like broccoli, looking like a mini all-green tree, but in white. But nope. It kind of reminded me more of a bush that wasn’t somewhat soft. I had to look up how to cut it up into florets because I honestly couldn’t figure out how I was suppose to cut that stiff thing up into little pieces.


I’m happy though that it was really straight forward – just cut the cauliflower in half and pull the stems off. Easy!

I decided I was going to make mashed cauliflower, which some people claim tastes better than mashed potatoes. I definitely had all the ingredients (minus the clovers of garlic – I used minced garlic instead). I had a bit of an issue getting the cauliflower to steam, since I had no idea how to use the steamer for the microwave and we didn’t have one for the stove. Fortunately, Google is my friend and I found a way to do it without one. I used a bit too much water though. Oops.

I tried making a smaller portion of risotto this time. Almost perfect. Probably just a bit less next time and I will have the perfect amount of risotto for just me to eat. I usually make enough for myself and four other people to eat!

Risotto & Mashed Cauliflower

Overall, the risotto was delicious as usual and didn’t really feel like way too much and the mashed cauliflower…dang, that was good! The sour cream really helped with the flavouring. I would TOTALLY have it again. I think cauliflower is one of those foods that don’t really have a taste, so when you combine them with something, they’re probably going to taste really good. Reminds me of tofu.

Then we come to yesterday, March 4th. I had no idea what I wanted to eat. I was going to make the broccoli and cauliflower casserole, but then I realized we don’t have a casserole dish, so I’m going to go have to ask my mom what I should use instead at some point. I delayed eating for a while until I could figure out what I wanted. I then decided I was just going to have pasta.

But I wasn’t just going to have pasta.

I was going to have pasta with my mother’s sauce mixed with a half bag of veggie grounds I had leftover from another recipe and some fake chicken, with some garlic bread to eat while I cooked everything.

Sauce Done; Pasta Cooking

I wasn’t too sure how well everything was going to come out, but I was hoping that since it was simple enough to make, I would be fine. Luckily for me, it was – after heating up the meaty veggie grounds, I poured in a few spoon fulls of sauce, quickly mixing it together. I ended up pulling it off the heat so it didn’t boil or burn while I was waiting for the pasta and the fake chicken to finish.

Once they were done, I poured most of the sauce on top of my plate of pasta and mixed it in. When the fake chicken was finished, I cut it up into bite sized pieces, put them on top, poured on the rest of the sauce, and stirred.

The meal was delicious and was the different taste I was hoping for!

Hmm…I wonder what I’ll be making for the rest of this week…