A Clouded Part of Mind

Actually, my mind isn’t really clouded per se. I would actually call it more of numb, congested. I’m going to blame it on it getting closer to spring, which starts on the 21st of March, I do believe.

Sometimes, and by sometimes, I mean occasionally, the left frontal lobe of my brain will become sort of numb. It’ll become a bit heavy, maybe tingle a bit, and be all around irritating. It doesn’t seem to hinder me from doing anything. It’s just annoying. After a day or two though, it tends to pass.

When I move my head, the numbness may lessen or I feel something slightly move. When I put my hand on that part, move it around that part, or pull my hair around that part, it stops.

I’m just guessing it’s allergies.

And quite frankly, it’s annoying.

Do any of you ever get like this?