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Some people who hear about my blog often react with a raised eyebrow and offer me the advice “a blog should be focused on one thing.” Those people seem not to realize my blog is about one thing: my ramblings. Sure, what these ramblings may focus on will change from time to time (that’s what categories are for), but they are all still ramblings in the end.

So, take a look kind visitor, and see what you find. I ramble about numerous things — my day, something I like (or didn’t like), the adventure that is learning Japanese, random thoughts, and a whole lot more. You might just find something special if you look far enough. Otherwise, everything you will find on here will be complete and other garbage and you should obviously go look at a different blog. Or go poke around my main website.

Regardless if you find my blog trash or treasure, I wish for you to be entertained.

So long, blog browser, for your journey shall be a great one. I hope.

And you might want to watch your back. There’s a giant bird about to grab your arm.

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