Japanese Relit

The last time I sat down and studied any Japanese was back at the end of November for the JLPT. Prior to then, it was way back in July, I believe, that I did anything related to studying Japanese. Needless to say, I’m very rusty right now and for a while, I haven’t had the motivation to study Japanese. I had too much artwork to do that needed to take priority. I also began going into the “why am I wasting my time studying this” mode again.

However, recently, I’ve become reinspired to get back to studying Japanese. I can feel the fiery passion of learning Japanese slowly being relit. It’s actually a wonderful feeling and I would like to say it has come just in time for me…but in a way it hasn’t. I’m almost done with my artwork, sure, but I still have my website to do before I get back to studying Japanese.

And before I study Japanese, I would like to actually REVIEW all my Japanese. Everything I know or should know. As I said earlier, I’m very rusty right now. I know everything will start flowing back to me, but I would like to make sure it comes back to me in full force – the best it can. I don’t want to dive into the lesson I left off on without reviewing everything I previously learned and a few things I learned off book.

Now, that being decided, I’ve come to a bit of a mental road block – how do I actually go about reviewing everything? I don’t feel like I can go about it in exactly the same way I do my studying/learning.

When I learn/study I:
– read 3 lessons
– use Anki to review vocabulary before actually work on the focused chapter
– reread the lesson I’m going to focus on
– reread the lesson with the audio that compliments it (for the skit in the beginning of the chapter and the vocabulary)
– Copy down vocabulary, kanji, grammar, and expression notes into notebook
– work on textbook practices
– work on workbook practices
– work on kanji sections for both textbook & workbook sections
– Repeat

That’s a lot of work and usually takes 1 to 2 weeks to complete everything. It actually sometimes angers me at how long it takes, but I tend to find I do learn and remember more this way.

This doesn’t work for reviewing for me though. I’ve gone through 15 lessons and some lesson structured learning for Japanese so far and redoing everything for the sake of reviewing just isn’t…well, worth the time. If I was learning or relearning everything, oh yes, it would be totally worth it. But I’m not – I’m taking what I already know and refreshing it in my memory.

I want a fun (or at least, somewhat fun), relatively quick (shouldn’t take more than a month) way of reviewing Japanese. I need to be able to review vocabulary, grammar, and kanji efficiently. But how?

I would love to “just do it”, like I normally would push myself to do, but it’s one of those situations that I have no idea on what I’m doing. I’d sit down, all my Japanese materials out, and stare at them blankly, frozen for what I should do. It’ll be like the days I didn’t have a structure for Japanese and kept freezing whenever I went to try and learning something.

People who manage to read this blog might be wondering why I can’t continue on with the lessons, regardless how rusty I am – it’ll all come flowing back to me, right?

Okay, sure, it’ll come flowing back to me, but reviewing it makes sure it comes back to me AND makes it easier for me to understand what I’m learning. Right now I can barely form a sentence in Japanese because the rusty wheels in my brain try to turn, but they keep stalling. They’ll “unrust” them with the reviewing. The reviewing should also heavily inspire me too to keep learning Japanese.

Perhaps I’ll make that “study guide” I did with my N5 stuff. I started to do that, but I ended up dropping it because I was running out of time. I did learn quite a bit, but it didn’t really stick as much as I hoped. I could also review via anki, but that’s hard to do for grammar. Hmm…

I actually like the study guide idea. It would at least push my brain to remember things and take a step back to think about what I’m writing (ESPECIALLY for grammar).

And maybe, JUST maybe, I could try doing that other thing too where I make flashcards with a Japanese word on it, plus an image that goes along with the word. I have to say the meaning, plus make up several sentences using the word. Maybe. That might be too time consuming though to do.

We’ll know at some point. I just know it. And by “we’ll”, I mean me.